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Wrinkles & Aging Skin

No matter where we find them—on our clothes, in our tablecloths, in our bed sheets, on our faces—we just don’t like wrinkles. Smooth is beautiful.

Facial wrinkles, probably more than any other facial characteristic, speak loudly of our aging. We age in two ways: intrinsically, that is, normal physical aging which we are powerless to stop; and extrinsically, that is, being affected by environmental conditions, some of which we can control.


Normal aging affects our skin cells and the fibrous structures that support them. Over time, grooves on the forehead, crow’s feet around the eyes, creases, folds and pouches develop. A face wrinkle may begin as a fine line that adds character to our face but may eventually become a deep crease marring our appearance.

Facial wrinkles are often more than just wrinkles. A facial wrinkle may be associated with “baggy” skin, drooping eyelids, hollow eyes, or jowls. Because the neck is almost always exposed, neck wrinkles are as much a concern as facial wrinkles. They may even be more difficult to deal with since facial cosmetics may not be effective on this area.

Wrinkle Names

Our faces have many tiny muscles that we use to our advantage by creating facial expressions to communicate our feelings. A temporary face wrinkle can show humour or anger. It’s not surprising that some wrinkles caused by aging are known by names that suggest an emotional state. Those furrows on the forehead are also known as worry lines, and deep creases between the eyes and around the mouth are sometimes called frown lines. We all want to be understood and facial wrinkles often mis-communicate our emotional state and our age.

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