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Venus Viva Resurfacing Treatment

Venus Viva is a sophisticated resurfacing treatment for superior improvement to skin tone, texture and firmness.

As a non-ablative treatment with minimal downtime and discomfort, Venus Viva offers the desired benefits of more even, smooth and tighter skin without the limitations of long recovery. It is an ideal and safe solution for facial and neck rejuvenation.

How It Works

Venus Viva operates with a revolutionary combination of NanoFractional Radio Frequency (RF) and SmartScan technologies. When combined, these technologies deliver heat energy to the ideal layer of the skin to initiate changes, rebuild collagen and remodel skin tissues. A series of three to four 30-minute treatments may be recommended.

What To Expect

Venus Viva treatments offer minimal downtime and discomfort. Topical anesthetic is usually not required, but is available upon request. Treatment times vary depending on the treatment area. Results are gradual, with full benefit realized after six to 12 months. We love the results our patients see with our Venus Viva treatments.

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