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Nutrition & Healthy Skin

Nutrition status plays an important role in the maintenance of healthy skin. Both macronutrients and micronutrients work together to maintain skin’s barrier functions against everyday challenges. Changes in nutrition status that alter skin structure and function can also directly affect skin appearance.

A good way to think about nutrition is like fortification from the inside out to optimize our skins resilience and health in the face of aging. Think for a moment of your body like a car: rust occurs when the metal reacts with oxygen. If you over it with a protective coating, rust doesn’t occur as quickly. There are important key nutrients that can help add that protective coating.

Key nutrients to pay attention to are:


Water is the most important nutrient. It allow our body to deliver nutrients at a cellular level and to filter out waste efficiently.

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are your omega 3 and omega 6 fats. They play a critical role in your skin’s healthy function and appearance. EFAs maintain the skin’s natural protective barrier and may also help decrease inflammation and skin sensitivity.


Zinc is involved in stabilization of skin cell membranes and is an essential factor of cell regeneration and healing.


Selenium imbalance can cause skin abnormalities such as changes in colour and epidermal atrophy. It is also involved in skin protection mechanisms such as fighting pollution, shielding against UV light, and counteracting natural ageing processes.

Vitamins and Minerals

Antioxidants and Carotenoids

These compounds include vitamins A, C, E as well as lycopene, beta carotene and lutein. These nutrients protect our cells against free radical damage, UV damage, and other environmental assaults. They can also help increase cell stability.

It is quite important to note that the best way to get these nutrients is from food. Supplements can often have higher amounts than you need and can be more harmful than helpful. The amounts commonly found in food and daily multivitamin are generally safe.

Food Sources

Healthy Vitamin and Mineral Sources
Essential Fatty AcidsNuts, seeds, plant oils, cold water fish
ZincLegumes, dairy, seafood, seeds
SeleniumFish, shellfish, grains, eggs, nuts
Vitamin AGreen and orange fruits and vegetables, dairy products, fish
Vitamin EPeanuts, oils, sweet potato, avocado
CarotenoidsDark green, yellow, orange, and red fruits and vegetables

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