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Facial Skincare Products

Trust Preventous Cosmetic to provide the best products for your skin.

Finding effective facial skin care products can be a frustrating and confusing experience. There are literally thousands of over the counter products, each of them promising you the best results, yet you keep trying to find one that really delivers.

Facial skin care products are available in different grades determined by the quality, safety and effectiveness of the ingredients. Medical (pharmaceutical) grade products are the highest grade, followed by food grade and then cosmetic grade products.

Medical grade products are formulated with a higher percentage of active ingredients for faster, more effective therapeutic results. In almost all instances, they are clinically proven by medical professionals and use the highest quality ingredients for increased safety and optimal penetration. They can be used before and after skin treatments such as Chemical Peels or Photo Facials to enhance results and speed up healing.

SkinCeuticals Products


Developed from years of skin cancer research, SkinCeuticals has created breakthrough therapeutic and protective skincare technology. Skincare backed by science and peer-reviewed clinical research, SkinCeuticals is committed to improving skin health and correcting skin aging. Available exclusively through physician directed clinics, SkinCeuticals is designed and formulated to correct signs of aging, protect healthy skin, and prevent future damage. Prevent, protect and correct with SkinCeuticals.

ZO Skin Health

The ZO Skin Health system delivers exceptional results with comprehensive and continuous solutions for all skin types, genders and age. Under the guidance of Dr. Obagi, ZO® has developed a wide spectrum of therapeutic products, daily skincare solutions and treatment protocols that create and maintain healthy skin. Based on the latest advances in skin therapy technologies, ZO Skin Health utilizes unique delivery systems, bioengineered complexes, and exclusive formulations – experience the ZO difference.


NEOCUTIS develops exclusive technology platforms based on cutting-edge scientific research. Incorporating targeted technologies into luxurious product formulas enables NEOCUTIS to deliver innovative skincare solutions that address key skincare concerns, including the signs of aging, discoloration, oxidative stress, skin redness and dryness. The first and original skincare cream formulated with patented PSP®, a nourishing protein blend including Human Growth Factors, Interleukins and other Cytokines for state-of-the-art skin revitalization.


Originally crafted for vulnerable post-procedure skin, Colorescience® health-forward formulas have improved millions of lives by providing confidence and reassurance to women of all ages, skin types, and concerns. Trusted, recommended, these physical sunscreens offer 365-day protection against UV rays and other environmental stressors. Blendable and breathable, the line features custom-refined minerals and nutrient-rich ingredients. Colorescience® sets the standard for beautiful, healthy skin care.

Preventous Cosmetic carries Sunforgettable® SPF 50 Brush-on Sunscreen, Even Up® Clinical Pigment Perfector® SPF 50, Tint du Soleil SPF 30

Glo Minerals Luxe

glo minerals

The health and beauty of your skin is revealed and enhanced with glo minerals, an award-winning mineral makeup line. Designed to nurture, protect and heal the skin while providing flawless coverage, glo minerals cosmetics are talc-free and contain pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. Preferred by dermatologists and leading skincare professionals, glo minerals deliver both UV and free radical protection. Perfect skin isn’t a matter of luck, it’s a matter of science – glo minerals makes science beautiful.

Clarisonic Pro Skin


The sonic technology first employed to enhance and improve dental health and hygiene has now revolutionized skin cleansing. The Clarisonic cleansing system is a professional-grade powered cleansing brush. Oscillating at 300 movements per second, Clarisonic gently lifts away surface debris, excess oil, impurities and makeup from the skin in just sixty seconds. The ‘sonic method’ is clinically proven to clean the skin six times more effectively than manual cleansing. This results in improved product absorption, minimized pores, acne reduction and softer, smoother and healthier skin.

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