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Spider Veins

One of the worst things about facial spider veins is the name itself. Spider veins or spider telangiectasia are small dilated blood vessels whose appearance resembles a spider web.

They occur most frequently in women. Though their cause is uncertain, they may be linked to the hormone estrogen since spider veins often occur in pregnant women or women who take oral contraceptives or hormone treatments. Facial spider veins occur around the chin and nose and on the cheeks. They become irritated by too much sun and often cause itchiness.

The thin red lines that seem to stretch across areas of the cheeks and nose suggest a similarity to the strands of a spider’s web. These red lines are in reality dilated capillaries extending in all directions from a slightly larger blood vessel called an arteriole. Sometimes, when the capillaries are so small that individual lines are difficult to distinguish, the effect is just a general redness in the skin.

Spider veins on the face are harmless and cause no pain or discomfort. They are the result of sun exposure, inflammation (such as acne rosacea), or chronic skin irritation. Facial spider veins also increase with age.

Facial spider veins are one of the most common cosmetic concerns. Although veins are quite visible everywhere on our bodies, including our temples, the small facial spider veins seem intrusive, draw more attention and are therefore often considered as blemishes to one’s attractiveness.

Spider Veins Treatment

Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with those embarrassing spider veins. We can perform a facial spider vein treatment that is fast, effective and safe.

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