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Scarring, Facial Scars

Accidents, surgeries and acne can leave permanent impressions on the skin and reminders of difficult times.

Skin responds to certain traumas by building up fibrous tissue. Typically, this tissue is of inferior functional quality to normal, healthy skin. As such, it can appear discoloured, absent of colour, raised or indented.

Facial scars can have an emotional or psychological impact. Commonly, teenage acne and subsequent scarring impacts self-esteem and confidence. Likewise, traumatic or surgical scarring, particularly on the face or visible body, can promote negative self-consciousness or minimize an individual’s social activities.

Scar Treatment

Previously, surgical scar revision and certain topical therapies were among the few available options for facial scar treatment. Today, thanks to great advancements in laser technology, scar revision can be achieved with limited risk and great benefit.

Resurfacing laser technologies offer the ability to even irregular scar texture. Dermal fillers can restore volume to depressed scars and other lasers can improve discolouration. As with any laser intervention, recommended skincare can further enhance results and expedite healing for optimal outcomes.

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