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Symptoms of Rosacea

Though we all blush, those who blush or flush easily may already be showing rosacea symptoms.

If redness easily returns to the blushing areas of the face—cheeks, chin, nose and forehead—then it is likely that rosacea is occurring. Sudden flare-ups are often triggered by sunshine or wind.

Redness that persists, much like a mild sunburn, is also an indicator. The affected areas may experience a burning sensation. This redness may give the cheeks the appearance of being “rosy.” More severe rosacea is identified by thin red lines (the dilated capillaries) becoming quite visible. Patches of these dilated capillaries create the condition called spider veins.

Other rosacea symptoms are red pimple-like bumps that are painful when squeezed. These are often mistaken for acne, but because they are not caused by blocked sebaceous oil as are whiteheads and blackheads, the pimple-like bumps of rosacea will not pop when squeezed.

More severe rosacea symptoms include redness around the eyes, stinging sensations on the face, rough dry skin around the nose, red patches (plaques) and facial swelling. In the most severe cases, eyes can be damaged and the nose can become enlarged from excess skin tissue.

Rosacea Symptoms Can Be Treated

Unfortunately, there are no permanent rosacea cures, but our rosacea treatments are safe, quick and effective and can keep your symptoms at bay.


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