Dr. Rohan at MD Codes 2018

Dr. Bissoondath was invited to attend Allergan’s MD Codes in Toronto to learn from MD Code creator, Dr. Mauricio de Maio. Dr. de Maio is recognized around the world for his development and sharing of the MD Codes. His approach to full facial rejuvenation has allowed physicians and patients alike to appreciate the emotional messages of the face and treat for a natural, optimized result. In addition to 2 full days of lectures and patient treatments. Dr. Rohan was fortunate to be included with a group of expert Canadian physicians who had a full day of personalized and challenging instruction from Dr. de Maio. The Faculty Day will allow these physicians to share the MD Codes with their fellow aesthetic physician colleagues at various regional sessions throughout the year. Dr. Rohan’s patients will also benefit from his continued efforts to evolve and better his skills.

Toronto, Canada

Dr. Aaron at Merz Global Expert Summit 2018

Dr. Woodard spent 6 days at the Merz Global Expert Summit in Copenhagen. This invitation only meeting brings physician experts in the field of aesthetic medicine, from around the Globe, together to share the most recent and innovative treatments and practices.


CoolSculpting University

Nurses Kim and Suzanne were in San Francisco attending CoolSculpting University. CoolSculpting University is a comprehensive 3-day training program and now our graduates are well versed in the Coolsculpting treatment.

San Francisco, California

ASLMS 2018

Nurse Kim was in Dallas, Texas to take part in the ASLMS 2018. The American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, Inc. Conference, is in its fourth decade of promoting excellence in patient care, by advancing biomedical application of lasers and energy-based technologies. This conference gave Kim the opportunity to increase her knowledge, experience, and reputation, by learning the latest in laser and energy based medicine technology.

Dallas, Texas

AMWC 2018

Dr. Rohan was in Monaco where the 16th Annual Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World took place, under the High Patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco. The AMWC plays a key role in underpinning the scientific understanding of global anti-aging management. The program provides a unique opportunity to unite researchers and practitioners to discuss recent findings with clinical implications, new understandings, practical tips and tricks and emerging technologies in the field of anti-aging and aesthetics.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Medical Institute International Expert Summit – Tailoring the Art of Training

Dr. Rohan took part in a global expert training program with Allergan, who invited their top trainers from around the globe, for a two day Train the Trainer Event. Dr. Rohan was one of 20 physicians from Canada, who were invited to take part in the event. Dr. Rohan is not only much sought after by patients, he is also highly regarded across Canada for the Cosmetic Medicine training he provides to his fellow physicians. We are pleased that he is taking time away to sharpen his teaching and presentation skills.

London, England

ZO Skin Health Institute

Milla and Aimee S. were in Southern California for training at the ZO Skin health Training Centre. They learned about all the foundations of healthy skin and all the new product protocols. Special thanks to the ZO Global Trainer Traci for sharing all her knowledge and expertise!

Irvine, CA

IMCAS 2018

Dr. Bissoondath, Suzanne, Stevie and Aimee attended the 20th Annual IMCAS (International Master Course on Aging Science) World Congress meeting in Paris to keep up to date on the latest trends in facial rejuvenation. The IMCAS is one of the most important congresses in the calendar year for thousands of cosmetic medicine professionals from all over the world.

Paris, France

Cosmetic Update

Dr. Rohan was invited to attend an intimate gathering of top aesthetic physicians that allows the opportunity to interact and share thoughts and ideas on the direction of Cosmetic Medicine. After full days of lectures and discussions, the evenings were filled with opportunities to interact, laugh and relax.

Cancun, Mexico


Continuing on with their passion of learning aesthetic medicine, Drs. Bissoondath and Woodard stayed in Toronto to attend the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine annual conference.  We are excited to have them back so they share their ever-expanding knowledge in aesthetic medicine. They are both looking forward to continuing to make our patients feel and look beautiful!

Toronto, Ontario

MD Codes

Drs. Bissoondath and Woodard were invited to attend Allergan’s MD Codes. They spent two days in Toronto with world renowned Dr. Mauricio de Maio. Dr. de Maio’s approach to facial rejuvenation allows the patient to be treated on the emotions that they project to the world. This is the third meeting with Dr. de Maio that our doctors have been invited to attend.

Toronto, Ontario

MERZ Institute Expert Summit

Drs. Bissoondath and Woodard attended the Merz Institute Expert Summit in Montreal.  By invitation only, medicine experts from around the globe gathered to discuss the latest trends, scientific developments/innovations and advances in treatments and techniques in the aesthetic industry.

Montreal, Quebec

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