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Facial Volume Loss & Restoration

As the structures of our skin fall victim to genetic attributes and the effects of UV and environmental exposure become noticeable, our skin can lose volume and appear hollow or sallow.

Natural fat pads above the brows and in the cheeks can fall and create heavy lids and dark circles. Folds can emerge from the corners of the mouth and the jawline can lose its contour. Even temples can lose volume and create a ‘peanut’ shape. All these are symptoms of volume loss.

Restoring lost volume is an art and expertise is key. Preventous Cosmetic Medicine specializes in natural facial volume restoration. Utilizing long lasting and naturally derived dermal fillers, we enhance the natural features and attributes of the face to ensure a subtle, soft outcome. Results may be enhanced with skin tightening or wrinkle smoothing treatments and advanced skincare products.

Our physician providers are more than artists; they are trainers and educators of advanced techniques with dermal fillers, a leading treatment for facial volume loss. To our patients, this means their treatment experience and outcomes are safe and of superior quality.

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