Skin Laxity (Loose Skin) Causes & Treatments

Did you know 90% of skin laxity is the result of sun exposure? If this was known decades ago, we all would have been more diligent with our sun protection. But what can we do today for damage already done?

Skin Laxity Causes

Skin laxity is commonly noticed on the face, arms, abdomen and around the thighs and buttocks. UV and environmental exposure and other inherent factors all contribute to the degradation of supportive skin structures like collagen and elastin. As these fibers degrade, skin and its volume fall to gravity. Commonly, patients visit us with concerns of jowls and hollowed facial features.

Skin Laxity Treatments

Treatments to restore volume and firm skin are more effective than ever. Without surgery or anesthesia, we are able to replace and restore skin volume and structures to a more youthful state. Best of all, results can be instant and typically improve further over many months.

Skin tightening and resurfacing procedures can work hand-in-hand to firm and contract the skin while improving the natural tenacity and resilience of skin. Dermal filler treatments can help lift and create natural volume.

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