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Laser Wrinkle Reduction for a Younger You

Fast becoming the preferred choice for wrinkle treatment, laser wrinkle reduction is fast, effective and safe. It has been proven especially effective for fine perioral wrinkles (around the mouth) and periorbital wrinkles (around the eyes).

Laser wrinkle reduction is more commonly referred to as a photo facial or photorejuvenation.

Beautiful Skin 9How Does Laser Wrinkle Reduction Work?

Using the Starlux® 500 System from Palomar, pulses of light penetrate the skin and stimulate a healing response. This promotes the production of collagen, which reduces the appearance of fine lines, and shrinks pores, around the mouth and eyes.

Non-Damaging, Non-Harmful

Unlike other treatments, laser wrinkle reduction is non-ablative treatment – no skin is damaged or removed. The pulses of light penetrate at exactly the right depth below the outer layers of skin.

Treatments are virtually pain-free and gentle. The pulsed light technology creates only a moderate warming of the skin and a special cooling system ensures that the skin is not accidentally burned or damaged by the unit itself.

You may experience some redness after the treatment but it normally disappears within hours. The use of sunscreen and other skin care products is advised while your skin is healing.

How Many Treatments Do You Need?

Generally, fine lines are noticeably less visible after one treatment but your program depends on your skin type and colour and the extent of the wrinkles to be treated.

Is Laser Wrinkle Reduction Right for You?

Wrinkles can be caused by aging, exposure to the sun and other environmental conditions or by repeated muscle contractions. Some wrinkles may be more effectively improved with BOTOX COSMETIC® treatments, facial fillers or facial chemical peels.

We can advise you of your options, costs and other information during our free consultation. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

BOTOX COSMETIC® is a registered trademark of Allergan Inc.

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