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Photo Facials:
Get Ready for a Fresh New You

Want a fresh new face? Photo facial laser rejuvenation may be the solution you’re looking for.

Photo facial laser treatments, employing intense pulsed light (IPL), are a fast, effective and safe path to a younger looking face and they’re fast becoming one of the most popular facial treatments.

Photo facial can treat many conditions associated with aging including sun damage, age spots, rosacea, pigmented lesions, spider veins, melasma and facial flushing.

How a Photo Facial Works

Using the Palomar Starlux® System, the world’s most advanced and versatile laser and IPL platform, these treatments target different chromophores in the skin, which selectively absorb the laser or light energy as heat and yield the desired response. These optimal wavelengths of light clear vascular and pigmented lesions by targeting the chromophores of hemoglobin (for vascular lesions) and melanin (for pigmented lesions).

What to Expect

Photo facial laser rejuvenation treatments give you excellent results with minimal treatment time, typically 30 minutes or less. In most cases, there is very little pain during or after the treatment and IPL treatments cause little or no facial swelling so you can resume your normal activities right away.

In many cases, you will notice the results after only one treatment. Depending on the particular condition and your skin type, a series of 3 – 6 treatments will give you noticeable, long-lasting results. Pigmented lesions undergo a mild exfoliation and slough off within two or three days, while the vascular lesions blanch and then resolve within 10 to 14 days.

To find out if photo facial treatments are right for you, contact us today for a complimentary consultation and assessment.

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