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IPL Laser Hair Removal How It Works

An IPL laser hair treatment is one of the safest and most effective methods of hair removal, having been a viable method of removing unwanted hair for almost three decades. Today, they are a popular, safe and effective option for getting rid of hair on the face and body.

The Principle of Photo­thermolysis

IPL Laser hair removal treatments work on the principle of selective photothermolysis. Photothermolysis refers to the process of destroying an object by heat. Selective photothermolysis targets a specific object without affecting the nearby area. This is why laser hair removal treatments can destroy the hair without damaging the skin.

In a laser hair treatment, light is absorbed by melanin (pigment), a natural substance found in the hair and skin. People with dark hair have more melanin than people with light hair.

The intense pulsed light system is selectively set for the specific colour of your hair. This ensures that light can be absorbed by the melanin in your hair but not in your skin, because it is generally a much lighter colour. The light energy is converted to heat when it contacts that specific colour. The heat not only destroys the hair, but the surrounding cells and the bulb of the hair.

Traditional lasers are effective on dark, course hair but less effective on lighter hair. With our intense pulsed light system, the wavelength of the light can be set for virtually any colour or texture hair.

The Hair Life Cycle

Hair has three stages in its life cycle:

  1. the growth stage (anagen)
  2. the regression stage (catagen)
  3. the resting stage (telogen)

Since melanin is only produced in the anagen stage, hairs that are resting or regressing are not affected because they are not photo- sensitive. To ensure complete coverage, several laser hair treatments are required.

The IPL Hair Removal Treatment

At Preventous, we use intense pulsed light for laser hair treatment. This technology delivers better results for more of our clients than the traditional laser hair removal treatment. Because the wavelengths used during the procedure are chosen based on your hair and skin colour, we have more control over the results you see.

The IPL system is calibrated to your specific hair and skin characteristics. During the laser hair treatment, the light is directed at the hair through a handpiece placed over your skin. The handpiece is moved from one spot to another until the entire area has been treated.

Although the skin is typically much lighter coloured than the hair, it will not be damaged. Discomfort from the heat is minimized with the Starlux® system advanced contact cooling technology.

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