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Isolaz® Frequently Asked Questions

Is Isolaz® safe?

Yes, Isolaz® is safe. The treatment has been used since 2005 and has a high safety rating.

I?m taking Accutane® or another acne medication. Can I try Isolaz® at the same time?

If you are on antibiotics for your acne, Isolaz® can be used at the same time. It cannot be used while you are taking Accutane, and you should wait at least six months after you stop taking Accutane before having an Isolaz® treatment.

Should I use topical creams/medications while receiving Isolaz® treatment?

Talk to your doctor at your consultation about what you are using and whether you should continue. Isolaz® actually helps skin absorb these medications so combining it with topicals can make your skin look even better.

I don?t suffer from Acne all the time but do get occasional breakouts. Would Isolaz® help me?

Absolutely. Isolaz® is a great way to keep your skin clean and healthy.

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