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Preventous Emcore Program

Discover EMSELLA

The Preventous EMCore Program improved core strength, balance and posture, relieve urinary incontinence and more!

EMCore focuses on a whole core solution, also known as the Core to Floor therapy, this series of treatments leads to improved core strength, balance and posture, relieves urinary incontinence, and potentially alleviates back discomfort. It may also improve sexual satisfaction among men and women.

The EMCore Program consists of a series of treatments over a 3-4 week period using a combination of the EMSella and EMSculpt devices.

The EMSella activates the pelvic floor musculature, and either the Emsculpt or the Emsculpt Neo, aside from pelvic floor muscles, strengthen and tone a common problem area: the abdomen. The EMCORE Program is also known as the Core to Floor therapy and addresses the whole core area, which is a great solution for abdominal remodeling, diastasis recti reduction, and pelvic floor strengthening in postpartum women. EMSculpt and EMSella are both FDA approved.

  • 22%
    reduced abdominal separation
  • 25%
    increase in muscle mass
  • 95%
    patient satisfaction

What Is EMSculpt?

EMSculpt is a non-surgical procedure for muscle tone and definition. It can enlarge current muscles, as well as grow new muscle fibers. When applied to areas where fat loss is desired, treatment parameters can be set to reduce fat. The Emsculpt procedure is FDA-cleared to treat your abdominals, buttocks, arms, calves and thighs though HIFEM energy (High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetism). This powerful technology produces high-intensity muscle contractions meant to simulate the effects of 20,000 contractions in 30 minutes.

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What Is EMSella™?

EMSELLA™ is a breakthrough treatment for incontinence. This unique technology revolutionizes intimate health by offering a non-invasive solution for pelvic floor weakness. With EMSELLA, not only is there this tension and release of the pelvic floor muscles, but the structure of the muscles also changes. The treatment stimulates the growth of new protein strands and muscle fibres as well, which not only improves the physical action of the muscles but also assists in regaining neuromuscular control of the pelvic floor, giving you more control over your muscles and helping to stop any leaks.

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Why Combine Both?

Core to floor therapy utilizes two HIFEM procedures to strengthen, firm and tone the abdomen and pelvic floor muscles.The aim of the EMCore Program is to increase the core strength by using a combination of two BTL technologies: EMSella and EMSculpt. The result is increased muscle growth and restoration of neuromuscular control, which can improve strength, balance, posture, and incontinence as well as potentially alleviate back discomfort. Tested inabdominal clinical studies utilizing established methods of evaluation, including MRI, CT and Ultrasound, EMSculpt delivered consistent results.

  • Abdominal separation reduced by 22.65% on average
  • 25% increase in muscle mass
  • 95% patient satisfaction

The EMCore Program

The standard approach for optimal results is:
Four EMSculpt 30-minute sessions for the stomach area over a two week period, with best results being seen at the 3-month mark and continued improvement up to 6 months following treatment.

Six EMSella 30-minute sessions over a three-week period are recommended. There are some immediate results, however maximal results are seen some 2-4 weeks after completion of therapy.

You can do both Emsculpt and Emsella treatments on the same day, which will require only 6 visits to the clinic to complete your treatment. At Preventous, we personalise the EMCore Program to include all muscle groups or concentrate on the abdominal muscle and pelvic floor according to the patient’s needs.

Postpartum Treatment

Studies show that 67% of women with abdominal separation have pelvic floor disorder. The EMCORE Program is the perfect combination for postpartum women. EMSCULPT can also improve diastasis recti, a condition that can occur with pregnancy when the growing uterus stretches the muscles in the abdomen and causes the two large parallel bands of muscles that meet in the middle of the abdomen to separate forming a gap.

EMSELLA treatments repair damaged pelvic floor muscles caused by pregnancy or childbirth, with increasing weight gain, chronic constipation or through lifting heavy objects. However, EMSELLA  is not just for postpartum or older women. Everyone can benefit from having a well-functioning pelvic floor because the muscles in that area support organs like the bowel, bladder and uterus and also make up the core muscle group.

Who Can Benefit From The Emcore Program?

If you want to improve stability, position and movement of the core, the EMCORE Program may be the best option for you. Powering the core powers the whole body and is also beneficial for women suffering from diastasis recti and postpartum leakage. To find out if you are a good candidate for EMSELLA, EMSculpt, or the combination of both with the EMCORE Program, book a complimentary consultation and talk to our highly-experienced team.

The EMCore Program is not a replacement for the required strength and conditioning program but is viewed as complementary.


EMCORE Emsculpt
(4 Emsculpt sessions + 6 Emsella sessions)
EMCORE Emsculpt Neo
(4 Emsculpt Neo sessions + 6 Emsella sessions)


Affordable Cosmetic Financing

Flexible payment plans are available to help you achieve the look you want with affordable installments. Preventous Patients can now apply for financing through PayBright online or in-person at our Calgary clinics.

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