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Cosmetic procedures are forever being adapted and evolved to improve results and address the needs of a variety of patients. One such specialized treatment is the fractional laser This laser fills the void between medical-grade skincare and peels and more invasive and costly laser skin resurfacing treatments such as fine lines, Clear+Brilliant® is an excellent option. In this article, we explain how this laser works and the results you can anticipate.

How Clear+Brilliant® works

Fractional laser technology has revolutionized the way we use lasers. What makes today’s lasers unique is how the laser energy is delivered into the skin. Fractional lasers deliver the laser beam in scattered pulses deep into the skin, by-passing the epidermis layer and leaving it intact. As the laser passes over the skin, only a fraction at a time is being treated. This allows for a more comfortable treatment.The difference between Clear+Brilliant® versus ® re:pair” href=””>Fraxel® re:pair is its gentleness and minimal downtime. In the case where patients wish to maintain the results of a Fraxel® treatment, Clear+Brilliant® treatments are also regularly recommended.

The results of a Clear+Brilliant® treatment

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The fractionated laser beam stimulates a rejuvenating response in the dermis. Damaged and pigmented cells are pushed up to the skin’s surface and sloughed away. This regeneration can stimulate some collagen synthesis for an improved skin tone while smoother, brighter and softer skin overall is expected. Patients can expect some mild redness for 24 to 48 hours after treatment, which is usually referred to as light facial flushing or ‘pinkness’. An initial series of six treatments is recommended for ideal results.

Clear+Brilliant® laser is a great first step to preserving skin health and beauty for now and always. To learn more about Clear+Brilliant® or any of the laser treatments we’ve discussed, we invite you to call us at 403.229.0129, or email .

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