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How Much Does
Botox® Cost?

The cost of a BOTOX COSMETIC® treatment reflects the optimal dosage and technique for the treatment area.

It’s one of the first questions people ask, and the short and sweet answer is, “It depends”. BOTOX COSMETIC® treatments at Preventous Cosmetic Medicine are uniquely provided by our experienced physicians who are also educators on advanced injection technique.

Factors Affecting BOTOX® Cost

The strength of your muscles

Since BOTOX COSMETIC® treatments relax the muscles in your face, stronger muscles will require more product for maximum effectiveness.

Proper injection placement

An understanding of proper placement is key to minimizing the cost of your injections. Improper placement may not only give you undesirable results, but also increase the cost.

Treatment time

It takes years of experience to understand the right injection amount for the particular situation.

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