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Choosing a BOTOX® Doctor

Choosing a BOTOX COSMETIC® doctor can be a frustrating experience. How can you know who will deliver the results you want?

According to the product manufacturer, Allergan: “Physicians administering BOTOX COSMETIC® must understand the relevant neuromuscular and/or orbital anatomy of the area involved, as well as any alterations to the anatomy due to prior surgical procedures and avoid injection into vulnerable anatomic areas.”

While this ensures that doctors take the proper medical precautions, there are other factors that distinguish a great treatment provider from one that is merely capable.

The Art of BOTOX COSMETIC® Treatments

A great treatment is not simply an acquired skill. It’s an art. Skill alone can lead to a satisfactory outcome but skill combined with creativity will leave you with the face you’ll love.

The art of our treatments comes from:

  • Understanding your expectations. Some people may want a complete reduction of their wrinkles while other may only want a subtle softening. Without knowing exactly what you want, your results may not be what you expected.
  • Evaluation of your facial characteristics. Stronger muscles, deeper wrinkles and larger faces require more product. A failure to take these factors into account can lead to disappointing results.
  • A keen sense of aesthetics. Having an “eye” for what will look best for you can be the difference between a younger looking face that retains its human quality and a face that looks like plastic.
  • It takes time to master the skill of proper injection placement and the number of units required to get the desired results.

Meet Your Calgary BOTOX® Doctor

Dr Rohan

Dr. Rohan Bissoondath has been creating beautiful faces since 2004 and is highly experienced with both BOTOX COSMETIC® treatments and facial fillers. He is a recommended provider of BOTOX COSMETIC® treatments.

During your initial consultation, he will discuss your expectations and evaluate the strength of your muscles. He will then discuss the recommended treatment using his experience, skill and creativity to give you the younger looking face you want. That’s the art of our treatments.
BOTOX COSMETIC® is a registered trademark of Allergan Inc.

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