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Acne Skin Care Products:
Effective Treatments

If your skin is prone to acne, or just oily, you need to be very careful about the acne skin care treatments you apply to your face.

The regular use of medical grade cleansers, astringents and moisturizers can help prevent or minimize breakouts and redness and reduce the bacteria build up in your pores.

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Acne Skin Care Treatment You Can’t Buy in Stores

ZO Skin Health INC

Over the counter products generally do more harm than good as they may be oil-based and/or contain a number of ingredients that can aggravate your skin.

Non-prescription treatments simply don’t provide the same results as the ZO Skin Health Acne Prevention and Treatment Program.

When skin does not exfoliate as it should, dead cells build up on the skin’s surface and inside the pores. The dead skin cells then mix with trapped oil and the pores become clogged, resulting in blackheads and whiteheads. The Acne Prevention + Treatment Program features essential ingredients to slow sebum activity and break down surface oils, while exfoliating dead skin cells to help repair surface damage, tighten pores and improve skin texture.

It is specifically formulated to:

  • Control excess oil production
  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Stimulate cell renewal
  • Boost skin’s natural production of collagen
  • Calm and sooth inflamed and irritated skin

Acne Skin Care

One of the most important aspects in facilitating clear skin is ensuring that the skincare products you use on a daily basis are effectively treating your skin condition. Using products that contain comedogenic or occlusive ingredients can contribute to the development of blackheads and blemishes. In other cases, it is quite common for people to take an aggressive approach in order to clear their acne, such as abrasive cleaners. However, over-exfoliating and drying out the skin can also exacerbate acne.

Our expertly trained staff will advise you on proper skincare techniques (such as cleansing and product application) and design a customized regimen that draws on medical-grade skincare that is backed by science for clear and healthy skin. Call us today and start getting more radiant skin tomorrow.


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