Acne & Acne Scar Treatments

If you have acne or acne scars, you want to find the best treatments.

Acne and scars can have a devastating effect on your self esteem and cause you embarrassment in your personal and even your business relationships.

There are countless acne treatments, from over the counter creams to prescription medications. The best treatments depend on the nature and the severity of your condition and some can be more effective than others.

Non-Prescription Acne Medication

If your acne condition is mild, you may first try one of the many over-the-counter medications that are available. These cleansers, creams and gels may be all you need. The active ingredients, usually salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, have anti- inflammatory, drying and peeling qualities and may be effective at killing bacteria.

Prescription Acne Medication

These treatments may be effective at controlling more severe cases. These medications may contain antibiotics, retinoids or hormonal agents. Antibiotic acne treatments are not a long-term solution since prolonged use may create antibiotic resistance.

Chemical Peels

Topical creams and oral medications can be effective treatments for acne outbreaks, but they can be expensive, can dry and irritate sensitive skin and have a number of side effects.

Treating acne with facial chemical peels can deliver better aesthetic results, especially on inflammatory acne, without the side effects associated with topical and oral acne medications.

Medical-grade Skincare

One of the most important aspects in facilitating clear skin is ensuring that the skincare products you use on a daily basis are effectively treating your skin condition. Using products that contain comedogenic or occlusive ingredients can contribute to the development of blackheads and blemishes. In other cases, it is quite common for people to take an aggressive approach in order to clear their acne, such as abrasive cleaners. However, over-exfoliating and drying out the skin can also exacerbate acne. Preventous Cosmetic Medicine welcomes you to book a complimentary consultation with one of our cosmetic physicians. Our expertly trained staff will advise you on proper skincare techniques (such as cleansing and product application) and design a customized regimen that draws on medical-grade skincare that is backed by science for clear and healthy skin.

Photo Facials

Photo facial laser treatments, employing intense pulsed light (IPL), are a fast, effective and safe path to a younger looking face and they’re fast becoming one of the most popular treatments for acne as well as many other conditions.


Isolaz® is a non-invasive, drug-free treatment that can effectively treat acne. The Isolaz® technology works via a powerful combination of vacuum suction and broadband light. Vacuum suction pulls away dead skin cells, oil and debris while pulses of broadband light heat and kill the acne bacteria within the pore. Isolaz® is gentle and safe for all skin types. A complimentary consultation will establish if Isolaz® is the right treatment for you.

Acne Scar Treatments

If acne scars are causing you embarrassment or emotional distress, you’ll be happy to discover a scar treatment that doesn’t require painful, invasive surgery.

Laser scar removal can now be performed with fractional laser technology, a revolutionary approach for scar treatment as well as many other conditions.

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