Likened to the sensation of a hot-stone massage, Venus Legacy treatments deliver sophisticated energy to ideal skin depths to increase circulation and plump the skin.

Improvements to cellulite, lax skin and body contours may be seen in as little as one painless treatment. Best of all, Venus Legacy incurs no downtime and can be repeated for continued, ongoing improvements.

How it works

Venus Legacy creates a specialized thermal reaction utilizing multi-polar radio frequency and Pulsed Magnetic fields. Skin responds by stimulating its natural collagen production process, effectively contracting existing collagen and producing new collagen. Skin becomes tighter and smoother with less cellulite. Venus Legacy can be applied to many body areas – even for facial skin tightening.

What to expect

Venus Legacy treatments are painless and are offered in a series of 6 treatments for the face and 8 treatments for the body. No downtime is incurred and multiple treatments improve and continue results.

8 Treatments
Before After
Venus face and neck before 10 treatmentsVenus face and neck after 10 treatments
10 Treatments
Before After
Venus Buttocks before 7 treatments Venus Buttocks after 7 treatments
7 Treatments
Before After

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