Does excessive sweating cause you embarrassment in social situations? Are you annoyed with stains on your clothes and frequent wardrobe changes? If antiperspirants or other medications aren’t effective, and you don’t want to risk surgery, you should consider our sweat reduction treatment for hyperhidrosis.

How it works

Our sweat reduction treatment involves injections of neuromodulators into the affected area where nerves are impeded from sending the “sweat” signal to your sweat glands. Injections are done with an ultra-fine needle for a virtually pain-free experience. For facial hyperhidrosis, small injections are made near the hairline, where the sweating initiates.

The nerves are not permanently affected and will return to their normal condition when the effects of the neuromodulators wear off.

What to expect

Learn more about sweat reduction treatments on our blog. To find out if this treatment is right for you, contact us today for a complimentary consultation and assessment.