Facial Chemical Peels to Revitalize Your Face

Facial chemical peels have been used since the days of Cleopatra to exfoliate the skin and give the face a more youthful look. Facial peel results are fast and relatively painless, with few side effects.

Today, facial chemical peels can treat a number of skin conditions very effectively, creating a younger you.

A mild chemical face peel may be used to:

How it works

Facial peels use a combination of natural ingredients. Outer layers of damaged skin are literally peeled away and replaced by new, younger-looking and healthier skin. The amount of peeling and side effects depend on the strength of the peel. Mild and medium chemical face peels are quick procedures and typically result in redness for only a few days.

With milder facial chemical peels, results may be noticeable after only one treatment. Redness and swelling are minor, so you will typically have no downtime.

What to expect

With a series of treatments, you can expect quite impressive results. After all, you’re getting layers of fresh, new skin with each treatment. You can’t stop your skin from aging but you can take preventive measures to minimize the harmful effects of the sun and the environment for longer lasting results.

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