More Questions About Body Contouring and Liposonix® in Calgary How Many Liposonix® Fat Reduction Treatments are Required? Just one! The fat is permanently destroyed in one treatment.

Body ContouringWill My Skin End Up Sagging, Uneven, or Lumpy?

Liposonix® produces a smooth result and there haven?t been any cases of lumpiness or unevenness reported. It is not likely to result in saggy folds.

Will I Get Similar Results as with Liposuction?

Liposonix® is for people who want to lose a size or about an inch on their waistline. You will not get the same dramatic results as you would with liposuction.

Are You Sure This is a Safe Method of Fat Reduction?

This treatment has been researched and tested for 10 years and treatments have been available in Europe, Japan and Canada for several years.

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