Permanent laser hair removal is among the most popular aesthetic treatments globally.

Unwanted hair on almost all body and facial areas can be safely and permanently reduced or removed through a recommended course of treatments. Following, patients can all but cancel time consuming and sometimes costly shaving, waxing, tweezing and threading rituals.

In Calgary, AB, Preventous Cosmetic offers leading laser hair removal treatments. As experts of permanent hair removal, our certified treatment providers are experienced in advanced hair removal safety and techniques for more effective treatments and desirable outcomes.

Safe for most skin types, laser hair removal treatments target the pigment of hair within the hair follicle, rendering them inactive. Patients are guided through the permanent hair removal treatment process to ensure optimal timing as well as post-treatment and sun safety.

If you are considering laser or IPL hair removal in Calgary, AB, speak to us today and learn more about our laser hair removal service here.