Over the course of a lifetime, we accrue weeks of time managing unwanted hair. What would you do with all that extra time?

Men and women alike are subject to unwanted hair, be it on the face, back, legs, underarms or bikini area. We shave, wax, tweeze, sugar and thread to keep skin smooth and tidy, all the while losing precious time and money.

There is a better way. Permanent hair removal is an ideal solution for most skin types. Utilizing the specialized, medical-grade Palomar Vectus laser, unwanted hair growth can be stopped in its tracks.

Most hair growth on the face and body is natural and inherent. In rare instances, an organic complication or medical condition can contribute to increased, unwanted hair growth. Patients benefit from seeking a medical provider of laser hair removal for the added benefit of such an investigation and/or diagnosis.

Because skin on the face and body are not the same, and different skin types require different treatment parameters, true expertise in laser hair removal ensures optimal safety and reduces the risk of adverse effects. Preventous Cosmetic Medicine specializes in medical-grade, permanent hair removal.