The contours of our body – our shape – is subject to change through time just as any other feature.

We all notice weight gain and develop areas of unwanted fat accumulation. For a number of reasons, organic and otherwise, our bodies store excess fat. For some, diet and exercise are the controlling variable and for others, diet and exercise are just not enough.

For those who are looking to jump start body sculpting, Preventous Cosmetic offers a selection of safe, reliable treatment solutions including Liposonix® to trim down unwanted fat and Thermage® or Venus Legacy to firm body skin for a smoother, more youthful appearance. Our treatment options offer the abilities to target the less-than-desirable areas of excess fat, dimpling cellulite and lax skin with high safety and efficacy and without a need for downtime or recovery.

Safe for all skin types, our body treatments are ideal for individuals in good health with consistent eating habits and activity levels. For those with additional weight loss and weight management goals, we offer extensive nutrition and fitness planning services. Your ideal health and body are within reach. Learn more about our Body Clinic today – contact us for a complimentary consultation.