Acne is a common skin condition affecting both men and women in their teenage years, often through to adulthood.

Commonly, acne is the result of acne-causing bacteria (p. acnes) proliferating in a congested skin follicle. This can occur when hormone levels affect oil (sebum) production in skin and also as skin cell turnover slows down with age – both tend to result in increased skin congestion. Test update

Acne may present as pimples, pustules, cysts, blackheads or indiscriminate red bumps and many acne sufferers also notice prominent oil glands (sebaceous bumps) and oily t- zones. In its active state, acne can be bothersome and impact self-esteem and confidence. The longterm potential for acne-related scarring is a common reason our patients elect to manage active acne.

To control acne, Preventous Cosmetic offers complimentary consultations for teens and adults. We evaluate the baseline presentation, including current interventions such as prescriptions and skincare products, and make recommendations around skin type, lifestyle and degree of acne, seeking to control the active condition and minimize scarring.

Acne scarring treatments are offered and provided once breakouts are controlled. We provide leading acne scarring treatments including Fraxel® DUAL  laser skin treatments. Learn more about our acne and acne scarring solutions here.